For all projects: a case sample of the product along with a sample of the suspected contaminant must be sent to us prior to shipping your product to establish an accurate quote and to make sure the contaminant is detectable.

This is also necessary for us to properly process the project under ours and the USDA / FDA guidelines.

If you decide to proceed with the project please give us as much lead time as you can to schedule the project.

The truck(s) should be shipped under your company seal and arrive here prior to 6:30 am the day of the inspection.

For typical inspection projects the truck driver(s) will wait for the product to be inspected and the product is shipped back the same day. Depending on the product size we can process up to 2-semi trailers of product per day.

Any rejected product will NOT be shipped back on your truck: Rejected product is typically destroyed here under normal USDA / FDA guidelines.
If requested: after the inspection we will go through the rejected product, isolate the individual packages, mark the approximate location of the contaminant and ship the packages back Fedex, UPS or a separate truck.

A report of the inspection will be emailed and or faxed after the completion of the project. Daily reports are an option for larger orders.

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Atlas Inspection, Inc.

X-ray scanning for contaminants in food products.

Sausage with plastic particles.
Metal soup cans with metal wire contaminants