Atlas Inspection, Inc. was formed in late 1986 after founder - Ken Long, discovered that xray inspection was becoming increasingly popular as a solution to salvaging food products that would otherwise be scrapped. Starting from his home office in rural Minnesota: Ken assisted the USDA with organizing and developing a process for the xray inspection of food products as well as establishing a minimum detectable contaminant size.

We deliver the best in high-value and low-cost xray inspection.

Our high definintion xray scaning services can detect: metal, stone, glass, plastic, wood, rubber etc.

USDA Est. #: 18677

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Atlas Inspection, Inc.

X-ray scanning for contaminants in food products.

B u s i n e s s S o l u t i o n s

In the beginning Atlas Inspection supplied xray inspection services to local meat producing companies. In 1996 Atlas was sold to brothers Jeff and Jay Boisvert who founded American Radiographic Technical Imaging Company the same year Ken started Atlas. Atlas was kept as the corporate name.

Now - Atlas Inspection provides xray services to food manufacturing companies all over the USA, Canada and Mexico - with the best customer service and quality.